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When to Remove Your Wedding Ring

When should you take off your ring? Find out how to keep your jewelry safe and sparkly!


Beware of harsh chemicals! Do not wear jewelry while cleaning the house, scrubbing floors, washing the dishes, doing laundry, gardening, and any other type of chore that could scratch or erode your ring.

Working Out

Exercise is good for your body, but detrimental to your ring. Avoid wearing jewelry while using exercise machinery and weights that can change the metal shape and trigger loose stones.


Stay away from chlorine, for it can tarnish rhodium permanently. Cold water could also shrink your fingers and loosen the ring from your finger. Nobody wants to lose their jewelry in the middle of the ocean!

Personal Hygiene/Grooming

Always remove your ring while showering and applying makeup, skin products, perfume, and lotion. The buildup from cosmetics, hair products, and other harsh substances can cause dullness and discoloration.


Be extra careful while working in the kitchen! Take off your ring while cutting vegetables, handling raw meat, and mixing food by hand. Keep your pieces safe on a ring holder or wear plastic gloves.

Pregnancy Swelling

Better safe than sorry! Avoid wearing rings in the event of finger swelling and discomfort during pregnancies. Get a bigger-sized stand in ring at BERRICLE to enjoy brilliant sparkles without the worries.

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