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Meet Mattie James

A caring mom and a savvy mompreneur, Mattie has built a name for herself through countless striking styles and an ever-grateful attitude. Her signature pieces are bolder, bigger, just like her unapologetic personality. In this #MomsShineBright Campaign, Mattie surprises us with a mom's unique fashion statement. Follow her blog for more inspiration.

Mattie James #MomsShineBright

What is the one style motto that you firmly believe in?

The one style motto that I firmly believe in is something I learned from Rachel Zoe: ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’.

Mattie James #MomsShineBright

What have been your biggest motivations to keep blogging?

My biggest motivation to keep blogging is the belief of becoming the woman that I’ve always wanted to be. Belief is really important because you need faith to keep you going more than you need emotion.

Mattie James #MomsShineBright

What's your go-to jewelry style?

My go-to jewelry style is really simple, classic, beautiful pieces. I typically wear things that are staples and just go with almost everything that I’m wearing, but of course I believe that there should be special pieces for special occasions. I’m certainly one of those girls who wears everything: silver, gold, earrings, bracelets, necklace, and rings. I believe that jewelry is the cherry on top of your personal style.

Mattie James #MomsShineBright

Do you have a nighttime routine?

I absolutely have a nighttime routine. I really love to read and allow myself to reflect on the day, even if it’s just for 2 minutes, while drinking a good cup of organic green tea.

Mattie James #MomsShineBright

Are there any lessons you want to share with fellow moms who are trying to balance their lives and have it all?

Balance is a unicorn. It’s something we’re all striving for, but it exists differently every single day. It’s not about not failing more than it is about committing to being better the next day and give yourself room to be human. Becoming a mother doesn’t make you immune to that. What balance meant for you 6 months ago isn’t what balance will mean now, and that’s perfectly okay.

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