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Meet Missy

Best known for her divine street style, Missy is motivated to always rejuvenate her style and share her fashion tips with other moms who want to look their best. In this #MomsShineBright campaign, Missy shows us ways to brighten up your wardrobe and find joy in finding me time every day. Follow her blog for more inspiration.

How to Wear Layered Rings

What is the one style motto that you firmly believe in?

I believe there is no right or wrong style. Wear what makes you happy and feels true to you. When I am wearing something that feels like "me," I feel happy and confident and think that shines through.

How to Wear Layered Rings

What have been your biggest motivations to keep blogging?

Blogging is so much harder and takes so much more time than I ever imagined it would. The thing that keeps me going is that I absolutely love it. Even though it is work and extremely time consuming, it is fun and I have a passion for it. It is also really motivating to see my brand and blog grow, and that keeps me going.

How to Wear Layered Rings

How do you gain inspiration and find time to put your outfits together?

I find fashion inspiration everywhere. People I see while I am out and about, magazines, T.V., and other bloggers. Sometimes ideas just come to me, and I have no idea where they stemmed from. Before I was a blogger, I was constantly shopping online and checking out new arrivals and trends so being a blogger that hasn't changed. Inspiration will just hit me, usually while I am driving. I make sure to jot the idea down and come back to it.

How to Wear Layered Rings

What's your go-to jewelry style?

I have two jewelry styles that are completely opposite from each other. It is usually "less is more," but sometimes I go for the flashy statement "more is more." Right now my style is very delicate and understated gold jewelry.

How to Wear Layered Rings

Are there any lessons you want to share with fellow moms?

The key word is delegation. As moms in today's world, we are expected to do it all, and we believe that we can. However, there is no way someone can do it all without help. I felt guilty about enrolling my son in pre-school (I realize that sounds silly) because I thought he was so young and should be with his mom. Now that he is in pre-school, I realize how good it is for him and me! At this point, I am really struggling to keep a balance in all parts of my life. Organization really helps as well. I am constantly making to-do lists, and when I have everything written down that I need to do I just feel better because I know I won't forget to do it. And it feels so good to check things off the list. So my answer for moms trying to do it all- delegation and organization. And accept that you can't possibly do it all, and enjoy the ride!