The Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Zodiac Sign

Your engagement ring should represent your taste and personality, and what better way to do that, than by following your zodiac sign?
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  • Sterling Silver Marquise CZ Statement Halo Cluster Navette Ring 1.2 CTW


    Aquarius are deep thinkers, imaginative and uncompromising. This air sign is drawn to unique, one of a kind items, therefore a vintage style would be perfect for them.

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  • Sterling Silver CZ Solitaire Heart Ring 2 CTW


    Pisces are creative and empathetic partners who value their relationships above all else. A heart-shaped ring reflects the emotional and romantic personality of this water sign.

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  • Sterling Silver Simulated Ruby Oval CZ Halo Ring 2.2 CTW


    Aries are hopeful and optimistic beings, their main strengths are being positive, strong, daring, and fearless. This fire sign's ruling planet is Mars which makes them bold and fiery, much like this red colored ring.

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  • Sterling Silver Emerald Cut CZ Solitaire Ring 4 CTW


    Sensual, determined, and loyal. This earth sign is drawn to the finer things in life. The emerald cut ring exudes class, elegance and taste.

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  • Sterling Silver Purple Aqua Cushion CZ Halo Kaleidoscope Ring


    Gemini are fast learners, adaptable and caring. This quick-witted air sign is defined by duality, just like the kaleidoscope that flawlessly blends two beautiful colors.

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  • Sterling Silver Oval CZ 3-Stone Ring 3.2 CTW


    Opinionated, loyal, daydreamer. Cancers choose their relationships carefully, but once they pick a partner, they will be loyal until the end. This water sign is ruled by the moon, and the oval cut harnesses the lunar sentimentality.

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  • Sterling Silver Round CZ Statement Halo Split Shank Ring 2.8 CTW


    Creative, enthusiastic and dramatic. Leos are deeply passionate, making them strong and devoted partners. This fire sign will appreciate the drama of this double halo.

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  • Sterling Silver Cushion CZ Halo Ring 0.8 CTW


    Practical problem solvers, Virgos will appreciate a beautiful small carat that they can use anytime with no worry.

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  • Sterling Silver Round CZ 3-Stone Ring 2.3 CTW


    Libras are beloved for being able to see the best in everyone and for their generous spirit. This air sign values peace and balance above all, and the 3-stone ring is perfectly balanced.

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  • Sterling Silver Asscher CZ 3-Stone Ring 2.5 CTW


    A Scorpio will do anything to make their partner feel loved, which is why they have such a powerful presence in our lives. This water sign is Intense and passionate, and the asscher cut is said to be the most intense engagement ring shape.

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  • Sterling Silver Simulated Blue Sapphire Princess CZ 3-Stone Ring


    Sagittarius are rays of sunshine, brightening any room they walk into. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this adventurous fire sign, and its power color is dark blue.

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  • Sterling Silver Round CZ Solitaire Ring 2.4 CTW


    Ambitious, reserved, and patient, this earth sign will appreciate a traditional style. There's nothing more traditional than a solitaire!

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