Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts

Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts

The most popular engagement rings are just that—THE most popular. We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 engagement ring cuts, from the most classic and traditional to modern and simple, so you can find the perfect look for your sweetheart.
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Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts


Undoubtedly the most classic cut,  round cut styles are coveted for their versatility and breathtaking brilliance.

The round cut has consistently been the most popular cut, ever since engagement rings have been around. Due to its perfectly symmetrical nature, it is the most brilliant of all cuts.

 If you prefer timeless glamour, this cut is meant for you.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts


Although not as popular as the round cut, the princess cut has consistently through the years remained the second most popular of all engagement ring shapes. 

This square shape cut offers excellent fire and brilliance. This cut is elegant, contemporary, and versatile, a timeless choice that will remain popular and cherished for years to come.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts


The emerald cut is high in quality, yet simple in taste. Instantly recognizable by its step-cut facets that create a hall of mirrors, this cut looks flawless and posh from every angle. 

It remains a rare and distinctive choice for engagement rings. If you like sophisticated styles that stand out, emerald-cut rings are perfect for you.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts


The oval is considered a fancy shape. Its elongated design makes it look bigger than others of the same carat weight. 

Boasting striking brilliance, the oval cut is beloved for its flattering elongating effect on the finger, and has become increasingly popular among celebrities such as Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber.

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts


The cushion cut is an old-new style. It has been around since the 1700s, back then, known as the miner-cut. For the first century of its existence, it was the most popular cut around. 

It had its comeback in the 1920s when refinements were made, becoming the modern brilliant cushion cut we know today.

Coveted for its distinctive square shape and brilliant facets, the cushion cut was a highly revered style in the 19th century and still remains popular today. If you are drawn to classy and refined styles, a cushion cut ring is the best match for you.

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