How to Find the Perfect Wedding Band to Match your Engagement Ring

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Band to Match your Engagement Ring

Matching your wedding band with your engagement ring in a very personal choice, your style is unique and your ring stack should reflect that! In this post we give you some tips about what shapes and styles go well together to help you find a band that compliments your engagement ring.

Sterling Silver Princess CZ Hidden Halo Solitaire Ring Set 3.7 CTW

Band Width

When choosing a band there are no hard rules, so feel free to mix and match.

If you enjoy a classic look, choose a band with a similar width as your engagement ring’s.

High-Profile Ring

If your engagement ring has a flat surface underneath the gallery like the ring shown, a flat band will fit perfectly flush with it.

(Meaning the band will sit closely to the ring with no gap).

Sterling Silver Emerald Cut CZ Solitaire Ring Set 2.8 CTW


If you want to maintain a classic look while adding a little flair, try combining a plain band with a pave ring and vice versa.

You could also play around with different widths. Matching a thin engagement ring with a wide band or a wide ring with a thin band!

Protruding Under Gallery

If your ring has a protruding under gallery like the ring shown, you can still get a flush look by going for a curved band, also called contured band.

Make sure that the band's concave matches the ring's convex.

Like the example below: if your ring's convex is 3mm, you will want to make sure that the band’s concave is 3mm. Otherwise, there will be a gap, meaning they will not be flush.

Sterling Silver Round CZ 3-Stone 7-Stone Flower Ring Set 3.2 CTW

Get Creative

Your band can completely transform the look of your ring, so get creative with your combinations, try different styles, different colors and see what fits well for you!

Lastly, who said you can only have one band for your ring? Have different styles to fit your different moods!

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